Smooth, simple and effective. That's how we all want our morning coffee to taste, isn't it? And that was exactly my approach with this logo branding animation for Keurig. With such an easy system to get one's morning caffeine fix, it only makes sense that the logo should be treated in the same efficient sort of manner. ​​​​​​​
Scroll down to view my process in conceptualizing this animation.
I knew from the second I saw the logo that the 3 circles would be a vital part of the animation. Not only are they representative of the company's simple aesthetic, but they also happen to resemble the 'K' cups that their product uses. Below are my initial sketches for the development of this logo.
Circles and the roundness of the letterforms was a main source of inspiration. Here are some of the images I referenced when coming up with the source of movement.

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